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Jenny Lane Appeared on Our Show and It Was Magic

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Creating Magic With Sound and Art

Writer Jenny Lane

A couple of weeks ago, the effervescent Jenny Lane joined Christopher Robin and me to record an episode of the podcast.

We knew the three of us would have magical chemistry and our time together would likely end up in chaotic fits of laughter — Chris and I are bad enough on our own. Add Jenny’s frenetic energy into the mix and we weren’t quite sure what would happen. But we knew it would be great.

We’ve been proud of all our episodes and as we continue, we’re learning more and more and becoming better at what we do. Learning by doing and all that jazz. If you haven’t listened to the Carlos Garbiras episode (ep. 5), that one was really polished — he was such a fabulous guest. We were particularly proud of that one.

Where the Carlos episode was polished, the Jenny episode is a bit of playground fun. Don’t get me wrong. We get into interesting conversations as well about the topic of the show, but it’s safe to say there’s a higher percentage of play time and laughter than serious class time.

And that’s okay.

Chris and I want our show to be candid and free. We don’t want to be boxed in by a scripted structure. And as Jenny would say, we want to just exist in the Now.

Jenny’s lyrical manner is intoxicating and it’s very difficult not to laugh, or at least smile when you’re communicating with her. She has that free spirit…thing…that I chased all my life. I love this about her. She greets us in a toque (beanie), big scarf, and cigarette in hand. I think she would have been an excellent flower child or a groovy beatnik.

The episode begins to stream on Wednesday, February 22nd. We hope you enjoy!

About The Unfocused Writer The Unfocused Writer is a podcast for unfocused writers…by unfocused writers. Hosted by unfocused writers Christopher Robin and Kristi Walter, and often joined by special guests, each weekly show is dedicated to exploring the lives of writers — the things we enjoy, the distractions, and how they fit into our daily routines. The Unfocused Writer streams on most major podcast platforms.

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