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Jenny Lane

Episode 6

About Jenny Lane (From Her About Moi Page)

Curiosity, loyalty, kindness, compassion, consideration, awareness/self awareness, acceptance of ourselves and others are all things I value highly in other human beings.I love deep conversations, usually more than talking about the weather.

Yet, having any interconnected moment with another (and maybe even help them in some way) is a great joy of mine.I am also a goofball and will goof out to hear you laugh.

And I’m a nerd and proud to be so because I love to learn about everything and anything! I’d be perfecly fine if the weather was hot, or hotter. Like the hot you feel when you get into a car on a Summer’s day kind of hot. Yeah, I’m weird and solar powered.

I get distracted easily. My focus is everywhere with everything. No one thing holds more importance, attention wise. It’s all important to the observer, a creator of art.I love the underdog, the underestimated. The weird people. The brave. The outsiders. The ones who are not afraid to show all parts of themselves and teach others what they’ve learned along the way.I’m open so others know it’s safe to be open with me too.

I love listening to music. All kinds of music. You’ll find me wearing headphones, sometimes dancing.I am an ever changing being, trying to figure out this thing we call life. Every time we step into the river, we step in as a different human being.

My existence is contingent upon our interconnected moments. There is no me without you. Those moments help me scaffold what is me. I see myself in you and we share a divineness that helps define my life.

Everyone is my teacher.

So if you ask me who I am-I am Jenny Lane, a culmination of all my actions, thoughts and interactions of being, of what once was, what is and what will be, that’s me.

Jenny Lane, I am


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Jenny Lane
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