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About Us

The Unfocused Writer was founded in 2022 by Christopher Robin and Kristi Walter. The premise of the podcast is to entertain, inform, and engage individuals who relate to having daily jobs, kids, and other responsibilities while also pursuing their creative passions. 

Our lighthearted episodes include lots of laughs, stories, on and off-topic banter, special guests, interviews, and more. More than anything, we aim to make you smile and nod your head in agreement knowing there are others out there just like you. And we have stories to tell.

Welcome to the world of The Unfocused Writer! 

Our Story

We met as writers on Now we write in several places, have other artistic pursuits, and want to share the journey with you. We each write personal essays, memoirs, humor, satire, and everything in between. We are truly unfocused writers. 

We became fast friends and decided to start a podcast. This is that podcast. The end. 

Okay, it's not the end. Lots more will be done. More fun will be had. 

We're just getting started. Buckle up. 

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