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About Chris

His name really is Christopher Robin, but his mom tells him he was named after a brother on each side of the family--Chris and Robin. But it was the late 70s, so nobody is quite sure.

Chris believes that humans are all deep oceans of complexity, but not all of us can reach those depths. He thinks writers can reach those depths, and that's what makes them different.

Together with Kristi (AKA KiKi), Chris is the co-publisher and editor of Medium publications The Memoirist, Age of Empathy, QuickTalk, The Mayhem, Black Bear. Chris has not been a professional writer for nearly as long as Kristi, but he is a lifelong musician and a budding artist in his own way. Chris is a recovering alcoholic, a writer in any genre that holds still long enough, and finds it perfectly acceptable to NOT want to be like David Sedaris. Even though David is awesome.

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