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Fun and Frivolity

Updated: Mar 4

When Kiki and I first started working and writing together, we knew we would have some fun and that it would take us in new and exciting directions.

When we started in on the idea of the podcast, we had no idea what other avenues it would open up to us. We still don't.

But I speak for both of us when I say we're having a blast making this show. We're constantly pushing each other, laughing, and having some fun.

In each episode we're bound to talk about parts of life that need more attention, and this is the place for them.

For example, Kiki likes to write from her bed with her computer directly under her chin. In a weak attempt to mock her, I did this:

Chris With Computer on Neck

How anyone could work like that for any length of time is beyond me, but she did it. In fact, we built this entire website like that, so who am I to judge?

The plan is to post here regularly, but you know that nothing falls apart faster than a well-laid plan.

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