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The Launch Is Upon Us

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

What Makes You an Unfocused Writer Graphic

Sometimes when you meet people you know instinctively they will play an important role in your life. These days you don’t even need to be in physical proximity with them to be the best of friends.

When Kristi and I first met a little over a year ago, we knew we’d be friends. Right away we talked about someday doing a show together. Here we are, a day before the launch, and we’re so excited we can barely contain ourselves.

As it turns out, it’s relatively easy to start a podcast, but it gets more challenging when you start thinking about the longevity of it. Will you run out of steam after a few episodes? Lots of ideas fizzle out. We didn’t want that, and we felt like we had an idea that we can hang our hats on for a while.

So, we drew up a business plan, came up with ideas, and started recording. We’ve learned so much along the way.

There were lots of issues to deal with. Kristi and I are three time zones apart. We didn’t know what kind of audio equipment we needed. We had audio problems, software problems, scheduling problems, interruptions galore. In fact, the first time we got on a meeting to record, we didn’t even know what to say. We have several hours of content recorded that may never see the light of day, because we’ve gotten better along the way.

We practiced. We talked, planned, chatted, recorded, deleted. Kristi tripped over her gear, I dropped a brand new microphone on my garage floor.

All the trouble was absolutely worth it. In addition to the podcast, we had created a true friendship — one that we think comes through on our show.

We really got to know each other throughout the process. We’ve laughed and cried and argued and called one another every name in the book, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We have little expectations of our baby. We truly just want to connect with other writers in the world who deal with the same things we do. We are just a couple of regular folks with full and complicated lives to work through — with writing as our common ground.

Writing. Always writing.

We’ve had so much fun working on this, and we hope you join us tomorrow for our premier episode.

Welcome to The Unfocused Writer. We love you.

— Chris

You can listen live right here!

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