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The Excitement of Creating Our Baby...and...We Have a Shop!

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Chris and Kristi Podcasting

Happy New Year, fellow Unfocused Writers!

Chris and I have been each enjoying the holidays with our respective families—Chris on the east coast and me over here on the left coast. We've both taken a bit of a break, although it's hard to keep a writer away from their work.

Speaking of work, or should I say "fun," we did manage to get in some podcasting time over the holidays as well! We are in post-production with our debut episode and wrapping up our next couple of episodes this week.

Fun. I think that's the essence of our show, really, and what is going to make it so special. Chris and I have such a great time together even when we are hitting serious topics that I think anyone listening will feel like they are sitting around in their Christmas pajamas with us laugh-snorting along. (Take a guess at who I'm talking about?)

So, a few other things to update you on. Let's get to it in our special unfocused way.


We have a shop!

The Unfocused Writer Mug

Yesssss! We have an Unfocused Writer shop on Zazzle where you can get your very own Unfocused Writer-branded tchotchkes and products.

Mug With Artwork by Christopher Robin

Not only can you get your own Unfocused Writer products, but we are featuring Christopher Robin's custom artwork products in our store.

Check it out. More products to come. If you would like to see anything in our store, please let us know! Personally, I'm not sure how I'm going to keep from buying up everything!

We're on social media!

Are you following The Unfocused Writer on all our socials? Help us build our following!


Lastly, as we're working on the last edits of our first episode, aptly titled, "What Makes YOU an Unfocused Writer?"—I'm curious to hear feedback from the peanut gallery.

What are things that make you unfocused? Note, if you leave a comment, I may or may not use it in the show!

Happy writing and stay focused!


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