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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Chatting With Chris & Ki Mini Episode Graphic

Oh, we are a couple of crazy kids, indeed!

Question: Why make more work for ourselves when we can make more work for ourselves?

Answer: Because we have too much fun with each other making this damn podcast! (Hence, the cackling laughter at everything and anything stupid.)

We've been talking about doing these non-sequitur interstitial-type chats periodically in between our normal Wednesday podcasts, and on a whim today, I told Chris I was calling him to record us during our work hour.

Oh, we're well aware the audio is crap and I know the intro sounds like ass, but it was quick and dirty today...and all for fun, folks. All for fun!

How often will we do these? There will be no formality to them. The best answer is—when we get around to doing them and feel like recording one of our normal chats.

Are we as normally nutty with one another as we are in the intro of our shows? This should prove it! Yes, we are!

So what's this thing about?

Don't you know us by now? It isn't about anything, you guys! Well, in this mini-episode, I decided to call Chris at his new job that he just started this week to grill him on how it's going and find out if there are any annoying admins or anyone we should hate yet. He's too much of a positive Polly to admit anything though, and that's a load of poppycock.

In any case, I hope you enjoy it!


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