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Hitting our Stride

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Journal by the Lake

Kristi and I are finding our groove slowly but surely. Podcasting, like any other venture, has a learning curve.

Lots of our learning curve was us simply finding our voice. Maybe it's one of those things that you're constantly working on. A perpetual evolution. We keep changing the rules on ourselves, learning more about what we want out of this endeavor.

We're adding more tools to the ol' tool belt all the time. Do you know what we want out of this endeavor?

NOTHING. We just want to have a good time.

We are not content creators. We are writers.

We are travelers on a journey.

My good friend from childhood went hiking yesterday somewhere in South Carolina and wrote some existential thoughts while out by himself. He wrote about the road less traveled--or, in this case, the trail less hiked.

He says the road less traveled is ruthless. That, because we are on it alone, no one judges us but the road and ourselves--and the road doesn't care.

He says the trail has only two directions.

Behind is everything you know. Ahead is everything that can be. Only completing the path allows the adventurer to find out. It may weave and wind. It may put through tests you had not imagined were possible. But as you find yourself upon it, even through means beyond your control, you still have choices to make.

Do you turn back or forge on?

As you walk along, bends in the trail emerge. After each bend is another bend. And after that bend is the same choice as before. You’ll have to forge onward now; there is no turning back. Making this decision is easier than the last time because you’ve already grown. You’ve already conquered some of its secrets.

With the knowledge of those secrets, you make choices. You continue on. And as you move forward, you find that experience makes it a little easier as you go.

Things are no different here at The Unfocused Writer. As we build and see what is around each bend in the trail here, we see that sometimes the best things come when you jump in head first. Sometimes you have to change trails or plans. We've gone from having a few ideas of what we wanted out of this to having only one:

To have fun. We have more fun each time we chat, record, blog, or write together. We're having open conversations with writers and travelers of all kinds. People from all over the world who have all had vastly different life experiences, and I honestly don't know that there's anything more interesting than hearing a bit of what's in their heads. We hope you travel this trail with us.

These are some random thoughts of an unfocused writer.


This week's episode will feature Sally Prag, a long-time friend of these two unfocused writers, and we have many more conversations coming soon. Stay tuned!

We've finally stopped breaking our equipment and are sounding better too. Just sayin'.

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Kristi Walter
Kristi Walter
29 ene 2023

What beautiful writing from my asshole friend! I can't think of anyone I'd rather take this Unfocused journey with more than you. You are the Laurel to my chaotic Hardy. The Simon to my weird-ass Garfunkel. The John to my Paul. Thank you for putting up with my constant giggling, drama queen antics, and sending little cartoons to your kids. Thank Bree and your family for letting me steal you from time to time for our podcasting adventure. You're right. We are starting to hit our stride and it's so much fun! xo - Ki

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