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Do You Tailor Your Work for Others?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Graphic for Preeti Ramachandran Show

Hi friends!

Well, the excitement of our debut week is finally dying down which means, luckily for you, Chris and I will be less hyper on all our accounts. We will try our best to keep our Unfocused business to our Unfocused accounts.

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of recording with the ever-fabulous Preeti Ramachandran. We had a great session talking about censoring and tailoring our work for our readers. I just have to say, not only is Preeti a dream guest, but she is an amazing podcaster as well. She is so thoughtful, well-spoken, and, oh! that voice.

As an extra bonus in our upcoming episode, Chris' son Wyatt makes a special appearance, and oh my gosh, he's so cute! Yes, we realize these things are a bit unfocused, and we intentionally leave them in for that reason. To normalize our unfocused lives. Interruptions from our kids happen. Getting off track happens. Instead of fretting about imperfections, let's embrace them.

Next week's show will be available beginning at 6 am Eastern time, Wednesday, January 25th.

Thank you from both of us for your support. We can't tell you how much it means to us.



On our debut episode, Chris and I talked about what makes US unfocused when it comes to our writing lives. We'd love to hear from you.

What makes YOU unfocused?

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Hollie Petit
Hollie Petit
Jan 25, 2023

You're up to something good! Looking forward to listening ❤

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