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Ep. 6, Making Magic With Art & Sound

Laughter, frenetic energy, and an extremely creative chat about writing, art, and audio narratives in this fun episode featuring writer and artist Jenny Lane!

Our Special Guest—Jenny Lane

A Jenny selfie in front of a glorious sunrise by the lake

Artwork by Jenny Kesa Lane

Photo and digitally reworked art by Author Jenny Kesa Lane and Aiartist Dream

The Windchimes of Peace photo by Author Jenny Lane

Misc. Things We Mentioned In This Episode

Ink artwork by Christopher Robin

Our Teaser Video

We Like These Brands and Mentioned Them In Our Show. They Are Not Our Sponsors, But We Wanted to Tell You About Them Anyway:

Chris is somewhat of a journaling and fountain pen aficianado and reawakened Kristi's love for it as well. As mentioned in this episode, Goulet Pens is their merchant of choice with a fabulous selection of both pens and inks (and more!). We're into the TWSBI pens right now. A nice smooth write!

Chris has really been getting into the mushroom coffees and landed on RYZE on the best of the best with it's smooth and creamy flavor. Kristi has yet to try it, but this is Chris' recommendation for her foray into this new healthy drink.

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