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Hollie Petit

Episode 4

Seeking wisdom, experience, and adventure, Hollie carved an unconventional spiritual path. She traveled the world, pursued formal and non-traditional educational opportunities, and explored numerous approaches for expanding spirituality, creativity, health, and happiness. She gained valuable experiences through her roles as a business owner, university professor, flight attendant, and musician, among others. Her journey taught her that anyone can create opportunities and abundance through well-established principles and strategies, which she offers to others through informative books, articles, blogs, and presentations.

Hollie pursued a Ph.D. in communication from Wayne State University (2007) and taught at South Dakota State University, Colorado State University, Wayne State University, and Schoolcraft College. She specialized in teaching public speaking, debate, rhetoric and religion, conflict resolution, and other rhetoric-based courses. She is a former chair of the Spiritual Communication Division of the National Communication Association.

She developed a love for writing in her teens and shortly after that began publishing articles in local, national, and international music magazines. She also wrote songs for local music groups. In her late twenties, she turned her attention to writing academically—speeches, articles, book chapters, and a book. Since 2016, she devoted herself to spiritual writing. She is the author of Creating Your Path: Harnessing Your Spiritual Powers to Create a Vibrant Life (2018) and The Rhetoric of Channeled Texts: A Genre Approach (2009). She is a contributing author to Positive Communication in Health and Wellness (Pitts & Socha, Eds., 2013) and American Countercultures: An Encyclopedia of Political, Social, Religious, and Artistic Movements (Misiroglu, Ed., 2008), among numerous other published articles.

Even though she sometimes regrets not filling her 5-year-old self’s ambitions of becoming a nun or a race car driver, Hollie thinks her younger self would approve of the path she has taken. She lives with her husband and many rescued animals in a remote and peaceful midwestern town.

Hollie Petit
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